Kiosk Self-Service Solutions by Meridian

Changing the Way You Think When You Hear the Word Kiosk

At Meridian, we’re committed to developing innovative and total kiosk self-service solutions. Actually, we’re obsessed with it. We understand that emerging technologies can positively impact growth and efficiency in any business, and we work tirelessly to develop solutions that assist in that growth. Helping our clients grow is our reason for being.


A 2012 study showed that 75-percent of participants preferred to utilize self-service options. Additionally, a whopping 89-percent of consumers said they also view the company as customer-focused and 86-percent said they would have confidence in the company. This is so much more than saving costs and operating more efficiently.

Meridian is passionate about self-service solutions, and we oversee every job we do from concept to completion. At our 11-acre facility in Aberdeen, NC, we design, engineer, fabricate, manufacture, assemble, and ship our solutions by the truckload. Our dedicated team brings over 20 years of experience to the table, providing us with the knowledge and skills to lead the industry in high-quality, reliable and economical kiosks and self-service software.
Along with our ability to design and manufacture attractive and practical enclosures, Meridian offers software that makes our solutions complete and robust. Our full suite of Mzero software can provide security, remote management and development features to ensure that your solution is everything you and your customer need it to be.

At Meridian, we have redefined the word kiosk. Join us today in the self-service revolution.