Kiosk Manufacturer & Total Solution Provider

At Meridian, we are more than just a kiosk manufacturer; we are an end-to-end provider and technology integrator, committed to developing innovative and total self-service solutions. We understand that emerging technologies can positively impact growth and efficiency in any business, and we work tirelessly to develop solutions that assist in that growth. Helping our clients grow is our reason for being.


Meridian is a self-service industry pioneer, leading in innovation and precision for over 25 years. From concept to completion, Meridian designs, engineers, fabricates, assembles, deploys and supports self-service solutions from its 13-acre headquarters in Aberdeen, North Carolina. Meridian proudly offers American-made interactive kiosks to a global marketplace. Meridian’s kiosk manufacturing processes are ISO 9001.2008 certified and its products are UL Listed. Meridian’s concept-to-completion methodology allows oversight of every solution created for its clients from beginning to end.

With over 1,000 new and repeat customers, Meridian specializes in helping companies optimize brand impact and extend brand reach. When Mzero software was born in 2009, Meridian became one of the largest end-to-end self-service solution providers in North America.

The Meridian team understands that together great minds create greater solutions. Meridian maintains strategic partnerships with companies such as Intel, HP, Microsoft, Arrow, Avaya, Zebra, Storm Technologies, and others. Such relationships give way to the collaboration necessary to be a total solution provider.

Our Strategic Partners

Meridian has built a culture of authenticity because it delights in consulting its clients – large and small – across all industries. Helping customers grow is Meridian’s reason for being. With seven integration facilities around the globe, Meridian is capable of creating self-service solutions for anyone.

Along with our ability to design and manufacture attractive and practical enclosures, Meridian offers interactive kiosk software, making our solutions complete and robust. Our full suite of Mzero Software can provide security, remote management and development features to ensure that your solution is everything you and your customer need it to be.

At Meridian, we have redefined the word kiosk. Join us in the self-service revolution.

Want to learn more about your self-service journey and how Meridian can help? Take a look at our Self-service Knowledge Base.